Eating Out (Difficulty: Hard)

This past week has been really hard. I dealt with kids during the second half of my week (due to visitors with children in tow) and that’s particularly difficult for me. I don’t really like kids and tolerating them is about the best I can do. I hit my breaking point Saturday night and shut myself in my room and didn’t come out all evening. Everyone has gone home now so my apartment is an over 21 zone again.

The past two weeks I’ve had people come stay with me in DC. While this is super awesome and I love having friends come and visit, it also means that I go out to eat a lot. That’s bad not ideal. I have a lot of trouble eating healthy things when I eat out. It’s definitely one of those things that I need to work on. Sometimes I’m better at and I can remember to order something reasonably healthy and take (at least) half home to have the next day. Other times, it’s more similar to “Please bring me that delicious sounding sandwich on Texas toast with sweet potato fries.”

One thing that I’ve discovered is that I will eat mindlessly when I’m out. And I’ll eat past the point of being full, even when I know I’m full! This is bad not ideal. We went for lunch at Johnny Rockets and got two burgers to split and share. I finished half of one burger and with that half-burger and the amount of fries I’d eaten I was full. I knew I was full, but I went for the second half-burger anyway. It was as if I was afraid to ask for a box to take it home. I think it’s a money complex: “I paid for it, I want to eat it.” Or maybe it’s a social complex: “Other people are still eating, I should still be eating.” I don’t know. All I know is that I ate too much. Maybe I was embarrassed at not eating a whole burger.

Does anyone else have difficulties eating out? Are there any strategies you use?


One thought on “Eating Out (Difficulty: Hard)

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