Fun Finds

It was raining here for most of Saturday and I’ve just return from a field trip to a grocery store (again) because I wanted some bananas. I tried to buy some Friday night, but the two store I went to were apparently sold out! On this field trip I stopped by The Container Store, which is always dangerous. I LOVE organizing, no matter how disorganized my life actually is. I was looking to pick up some boxes/bins for the top of my bookcase so it doesn’t look like I have crazy piles everywhere. Now I have boxes for stationary, binders/folders, magazines and paper recycle! Aren’t they cute?

On my way back, I noticed there is a Trader Joe’s near me! I pulled over and spent the next 10 minutes looking for a parking space. Apparently today was the day everyone and their mother was out shopping. It might have to do with being a nice day after a hurricane or (more likely) tomorrow being the first day of school. Either way, I’m pumped that I’m so close to a Trader Joe’s! I was just stopping in to get some bananas, but you never really come out of Trader Joe’s with just one thing. I noticed they had potted basil plants outside, so I picked up one of those. I love pesto and I haven’t made it all summer (since I’ve been gone for most of the summer). I love fresh basil and I’m hoping that I can keep it alive through my next trip and then into winter so I can have basil whenever I want!

I finally found bananas at Trader Joe’s and I bought the last three! What is going on? Is there a massive banana shortage going on that I’m not aware of? Someone fill me in!

I found two things while browsing the internets and I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Jennifer Hudson posted her meal plan on I thought it might be helpful for menu planning.
  2. Lunch It Punch It is a neat concept if you want to try to pack your lunches more often. “It’s a ‘loyalty card’ for your health and wealth.” I actually love bringing my lunch when I go to the office because I know exactly what I’m eating and it costs less. If you need an incentive, this is looks pretty useful.

Tomorrow my big plan is to go to spinning, my Weight Watcher’s meeting, and then have a totally productive work day! I need to ramp up on HTML5, so I think that will consume most of my day/week. I’m leaving on Wednesday for a trip and I think I have just enough food to last me until then without having too much spoil.


3 thoughts on “Fun Finds

    • I love containers like this and I desperately needed them (#firstWorldProblem for sure) for my bookcase. I’d try looking on Etsy as well. There’s usually a really good selection of fabric boxes, etc. and even some you can personalize!

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