Boos & Yays

I’m currently on a train to DC. Once I get to DC, I’m going straight to the airport. I love to travel and I’m so lucky that I have a job that allows me to travel. I’m also lucky that I love trains! It makes the trip to New York to see my boyfriend that much more enjoyable. While this has been a good week, some parts haven’t been quite so stellar. Sometimes things aren’t all rosy & glitter and I certainly don’t want to pretend they are.


On Wednesday (when I meant to write this post) I had a really awful spin class. Recently, I’ve become addicted to spin classes. I know which instructors I like and which classes I like to go to. I prefer doing the 6:30 am class. Usually I don’t eat anything before working out because I don’t have time and my body isn’t used to it. On Wednesday I had a plum before working out. My body shut down half-way through the class and I had to significantly downgrade my effort. I’ll also say I probably didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Overall, it was discouraging. I really enjoy my spin classes and it was hard having my body not cooperate.

On Tuesday I had an eye doctor’s appointment which is next door to REI who is having their Labor Day Sale. I know that sometimes they have some dresses and skirts so I wanted to stop in and maybe pick something up to wear to my cousins wedding this weekend. It’s going to be hot and the dress is casual, so I though REI would be the perfect place to look for an outfit. I grabbed several dresses and when I tried them on, they didn’t fit very well. They clung in the wrong places and prints emphasized lumps everywhere. It was actually quite awful, not go home and cry awful, but awful just the same. I think I expected too much of myself. I was so excited about losing weight in the last month, that I thought I should be ready to go try things on. I guess not. Do you ever do that? Overestimate what you’re ready for? It made me feel really self-conscious and it was a rather unpleasant reminder of how far I have to go.


While my overall REI experience was less than ideal, I did manage to find one dress that I liked and that looked nice. Lucky me it was on sale and it happened to match a pair of shoes that I already own. This dress is coming with me as my outfit to the wedding and as my outfit for celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday when we’re both in San Antonio next week. I think it’s quite adorable and it’s a nice band-aid on my bruised ego.


In other Yays, I just left New York where I was visiting my boyfriend! I just stopped by for a short day-long visit. He just got back from Australia and I was so happy to see him. It’s really hard when he’s on the other side of the world, the time zones are killer. He’s awake when I’m sleeping and vice-versa. It was really nice to get some time together. Last night, at my request, we watched He’s Just Not That Into You because I was itching for a romantic comedy. Major yay that I’m dating a guy who’s OK with me choosing a rom com.  Smile

I’m going to be on the road for the next two weeks which has, in the past, wreaked havoc on my eating and working out habits. I’m going to try really really really hard to not let happen this trip. I would love to come back and see that I’ve stayed at the same weight. Here’s hoping I can make that happen!

(Sorry for the dodgy post, writing-wise, I’m distracted and tired. After a good night’s sleep, I’ll be better an not repeating myself.)


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