I’m an Impostor

Usually Impostor Syndrome hits you at work. My Impostor Syndrome hits me on this blog. I’m not healthy anymore and I hardly ever blog here. Perhaps this isn’t the exact definition of Impostor Syndrome, but I’m pretty sure someone is going to come kick me out of the Healthy Blogging party pretty soon.

I’m not healthy anymore, but I’m going to try to get back to that place. I quite miss it and I think it will help me in more than one area to bring it back.

I’ve scheduled some spin classes for next week thanks to my boyfriend taking over my calendar to make sure I do what’s good for me. I haven’t had any motivation to cook anything. That means that I’ll be eating a lot of processed foods. Right now, I’m fine with that. Simple and no thinking required is what I need. What works for me in that department (or what will work for me) is Lean Cuisines, Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, Greek yogurt & cereal for breakfast, and Panera You Pick Two deals.

Here goes attempt number…I’d rather not keep count right now.


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