Fast Food :(

The other day I blogged about being an impostor. The next weekend I had a trip planned, but not planned very much. I just knew I was going somewhere. Because of that, I wasn’t able to plan food. I was barely able to plan somewhere to stay. On Saturday I ate at fast food places twice. TWICE! WTF for realsies!

This week is going to be different. Sunday was even a little different. On Sunday my boyfriend and I talked through my menu for the week. He had actually put a meeting on my calendar that said “Menu Plan.”

This was really helpful since it made sure I had time blocked out specifically to focus on my menu for the week. And it was good for me to be able to talk through my menu with someone to make sure it sounded doable. I’m also super-duper lucky to have such a supportive man in my life who just wants me to be happy.

Today my menu is:

  • Breakfast: Pudding & banana English muffin
  • Snack: Greek yogurt & Special K with Red Berries
  • Lunch: Fresh Mixers Rotini & Zesty Marinara Sauce
  • Snack: Lemon pepper tuna salad and carrots & hummus
  • Dinner: Healthy Choice steamer
  • Dessert: Fudge bar

Looks good, right? I’m going to eat this today and see where I’m at points-wise. I also have some single bag kettlecorn and some granola bars that I’m putting in the car to help ward off the drive-thrus.

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Fast Food :(

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