Going well

Things are going pretty well, so far. Yesterday my menu was:

  • Breakfast: Pudding & banana English muffin
  • Lunch: Turkey & cheese sandwich with chocolate milk
  • Snack: Carrots & hummus
  • Dinner: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers General Tso’s Spicy Chicken & apple
  • Dessert: tcby Chocolate Fudge bar

I think I went over my Weight Watchers points for the day by two, but I’m ok with that. Especially since I have my weekly points and activity points that I get to use.

Today I slept in after a huge work day yesterday and I’m planning on doing a spin class tonight. Today’s menu is:

  • Breakfast: pudding & banana English muffin and hot chocolate
  • Snack: carrots & hummus and apple
  • Lunch: Fresh Mixers ziti & meat sauce
  • Snack: Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt & Special K with red berries
  • Dinner: Cafe Steamer
  • Dessert?

I feel really good that I’m eating so well. Hopefully my body will appreciate it!


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