The Paleo Experiement

Yesterday I made my big, public moving announcement on this blog. Today I’m blogging from Redmond! There’s a lot to do to get our apartment ready for the arrival of my household goods. Andrew managed to break his wrist snowboarding in December, so he hasn’t been able to move things around without aggravating his wrist. That’s just fine with me! I’d rather do all the organizing in the apartment and have his wrist heal well. You know, long-term health and all that jazz.

Speaking of all that jazz, Andrew and I are going to do an experiment in January, now that we’re living together. For the next month, we’re going to follow the Paleo diet. I’ve eaten on the Paleo diet before when my trainer told me to before Haley’s wedding. Since Andrew and I both want to be healthier, we figured a great way would be to change our diet to see what works best for us. I’m really excited to eat Paleo (even though the initial transition is rough) because I’ve read it helps with sleep and migraines. I’m hoping that this change in diet will help Andrew with both.

Paleo Food Image

In preparation, I had a carb-fest last night when I went out to dinner with Dan and had Drunken Noodles (so much yum!) and Andrew and I have created a board on Pinterest with some of the Paleo recipes we want to try. Whenever I decide I want to eat more healthily or follow Paleo, I need to plan things out. Since I arrived at midnight last night, we haven’t gone through and done a meal planning session. For me, what will be hardest will be the dairy. I love having yogurt with granola for breakfast or a snack and I L-O-V-E cheese, string cheese, feta cheese, Brie cheese, provolone cheese, Muenster cheese, Gruyere cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, it’s all delicious to me! I’ll need to plan out easy snacks that I can prepare in advance when I get a bit hungry.

Apparently, if you eat Primal you can incorporate some high-quality dairy. I haven’t done any research on eating Primal outside of the references to it in Paleo articles, but I plan to look into it. Perhaps after the next month I’ll reintroduce dairy into my diet. Dairy and I actually get along quite well, so I don’t think it will be an issue. Besides, this is my diet! If I want milk, I’ll drink milk.

Tomorrow night Andrew and I will sit down and do some menu planning to figure out which of the Paleo Experiment recipes we’ll be making in the near future. If anything looks good to you, let me know with a comment here or on Pinterest and we’ll work it in!


One thought on “The Paleo Experiement

  1. Best of luck! I have been doing paleo for a few months now and the easiest suggestion I have for you is to just shop fresh! Spend all your time in the fresh produce section of your grocery store and then head to the butchers section! Deli meat is quick and easy but is loaded with garbage you don’t need! You will be amazed at home you won’t miss the grains and dairy once you start mixing and matching vegetables with meat! Oh also you will learn to love eggs! My favorite breakfast (I eat this ohhhh every day) is half a sweet potato with 2 or 3 over easy eggs, some avocado, and hot sauce!

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