Paleo, Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of our Paleo Experiment. It wasn’t awful, but we didn’t eat full-on Paleo either. Here are the daily stats that I’m going to try to keep track of to have some sort of quantitative measure of how Paleo is working for me.

Today’s eats

  • Breakfast: Salmon, apple, skim milk
  • Lunch: Chicken Cesar salad (Andrew and I missed lunch at the cafeteria and had to grab what was available at the coffee/snack stand. However, it was possibly the worst I’ve ever had though, the dressing was disgusting.)
  • Dinner: Chicken thigh & green beans w/shallot dressing, red wine
  • Snacks: 1/2 apple, 7 dark chocolate pastilles, 1/4 avocado (throughout the day)

Today’s stats

  • Weight: +/- 0
  • Sleep: didn’t sleep very much last night
  • Energy level: felt tired most of the day
  • General feeling: wanted sugar when it was in my line of vision

Today’s Workout


Tonight, Andrew and I stopped by Safeway for some produce and we made a trip to PCC. I’m so excited to live near a PCC, it might be the best part of my week. We did all of that before eating anything, so by the time we got home, we were famished. I was staring longingly at all of the snacks we have in the corner, knowing that I couldn’t have any. So I cut up half an avocado for Andrew and I to split. Tonight I’ll be putting all of the snacks that aren’t Paleo into a box and putting them out of sight. In addition, we have several things to add to the non-Paleo box from a gift basket Andrew received at work today. Thankfully there were some things that were Paleo, like almonds and smoked salmon. We’ve left those at the office so that there is something to eat in emergencies.

snack corner

Dangerous snack corner

Yesterday we deviated a bit from the pure Paleo diet with me drinking skim milk, the Cesar dressing and the spice mix on the chicken thighs having sugar in it. As I’ve mentioned, I love dairy and milk is no exception. We have a half gallon of skim milk that I’ll be working my way through. In addition we figured that now was the best time to sneak in some things that didn’t fall under Paleo in order to ease ourselves into it. Overall, I call Day 1 a win. Yay!


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