Paleo, Day 4

Today’s eats

  • Breakfast: egg white omelette (basil, baby spinach, onions and sun-dried tomatoes) and smoothie (strawberries, peaches, coconut keifer, agave nectar, sunflower butter)
  • Lunch: Pesto chicken breast, brussel sprouts, apple
  • Dinner: Lemon pepper chicken thighs and balsamic carrots with baked apple (vanilla, coconut oil, maple syrup, cinnamon) for dessert

    baked apples

    Yummy baked apples

  • Snacks: beef jerky

Today’s stats

  • Weight: -6
  • Sleep: finally a good amount of sleep! At least 8 hours!
  • Energy level: Good energy in the morning. I seem to crash in the afternoon; I have to start finding out how to avoid that
  • General feeling: Still feeling good



Today Andrew and I went to Pro Club to have a meet and greet with a personal trainer, Morgan. I’m excited to start working out again since I’ve taken quite a big break with my move and the holidays. I just have to fill out some paperwork and turn it in and I’ll be a member at Pro Club. I’ve been a member of gyms since high school and I’ve never been part of a gym quite like Pro Club. There are several locations, but I’ll probably be going to the main location in Redmond the most. There are three cardio rooms with different levels of lighting (dark, medium, bright). There’s a yoga studio, spin studio, group class studio, gymnasium, pool, squash courts, tennis. That’s not even getting into the non-workout things there. On site there’s a flower shop, a clothing boutique, a weight loss product store, a swanky bar and bistro, cafe, physical therapy, a spa and they’re adding an Anti-Aging Center. Seriously, this place is loaded with nearly everything!

They also have tons of classes. I’m really excited to start taking spin again and maybe even get back into swimming. There are also some paid classes and workshops that I’m hoping to try too, like TRX and yoga. There’s also a beginner’s squash workshop. Andrew knows how to play squash, so I’m hoping I’ll like it and we can play together. They even have a squash league that you can play with! And a triathlon club! Sigh. Whee!

Tonight Andrew made baked apples for dessert and they were scrumptious! We’re definitely having them again. We don’t have an apple corer, so we awkwardly cored apples, added .5 tablespoons of coconut oil and then poured in a mixture of vanilla extract, maple syrup and cinnamon. Andrew baked them in individual bowls and they were ready to go right out of the oven (after the bowls cooled down). Yay for another day of Paleo!


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