Paleo, Day 8 (Monday, 1/14)

Today’s eats

  • Breakfast: banana, pumpkin raspberry muffin, meat muffin
  • Lunch: Chicken thigh, green beans, baby carrots
  • Dinner: Cabbage, apple, sausage skillet, dijon mustard
  • Snacks: macadamia nuts, 3 clementines, banana & almond butter

Today’s stats

  • Weight: -7.4
  • Sleep: ~7 hours, not enough
  • Energy level: Energy was pretty good today. My car arrived in the afternoon which was pretty exciting
  • General feeling: Fine


None. I swear someday this section will be filled out!!

Back to work on Monday! My new job is still great. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I think it’s going pretty well. Andrew and cleaned up tons of stuff and put it away in temporary locations. We needed to get everything away to give as much space as possible for my furniture coming on Tuesday. We managed to get most things cleaned up and put away. Before I moved, I made a list of all my furniture and the measurements, so we were able to go around the apartment and figure out where w could put everything. It’s pretty exciting that it looks like it’s all going to fit with the exception of just a few things. There are a couple pieces that I’m planning to give away. One of them is a dresser I’ve had since I was little, but I don’t have much sentimental attachment to it. That’s weird for me, since I can get more attached to furniture than most things. I’m going to give it away or FreeCycle it or donate it, but I’d like to paint it first. I’ve always wanted to paint furniture and I thought it would be great to experiment with a piece that I’m planning on giving away anyway. If it turns out awesome, then someone is extra lucky.


5 thoughts on “Paleo, Day 8 (Monday, 1/14)

  1. Hi man, great work. I’m on day 3 so 5 behind you. I wish my brain would let me keep things simple! Following your blog, perhaps you can follow mine to. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for following! Meal planning this past weekend was kind of hard, but really worth it. For me, just writing things down helps a lot!

      • Definitely, whenever i’ve tried to be strict before… there comes a point where I’m stuck for a meal idea so building up a database via my blog has proven helpful so far. Keep up the good work Ed :).

    • It’s going pretty well. It’s easier to do when I have someone doing it with me. Following Paleo on my own was really hard. I think I’m going to incorporate some dairy in February at least. Andrew might continue, he loves the protein focus and always feels really good eating more protein. I have found that it’s easier to eat out and say no to snacks. Eating out is super easy to figure out what’s on Paleo (hint: order steak and roasted veggies :)) and saying to a snack is easy when you say you can’t have something, but thanks anyway.

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