Paleo, Day 12, 13 & 14

I was pretty busy at the end of last week so I didn’t get to post like I planned to. Now I’m catching up! I honestly don’t remember everything I ate, so the food log isn’t going to be so good. Instead of a food log, how about a highlights log? Awesome.

Food Highlights

  • CrispRoot. These cassava root chips are delicious. Andrew brought them home on Friday and I love them! They’re crunchier than potato chips and (theoretically) better for you. Plus, they’re on Paleo which is a huge yay!
  • bare fruit. I remember raving about apple chips at some point and these are those chips. They’re awesome. Andrew brought these home in the same bag as the CrispRoots. He got the organic kind and the ingredients are apples. And maybe cinnamon. I grabbed a bag this morning for my snack at work today.
  • Sweet potato chips. Andrew and I finally discovered the secret to good sweet potato chips thanks to this blog post and it’s using the microwave! Last week we got this fancy-schmancy food processor which is great at slicing things, so we wanted to make sweet potato chips. Perhaps you’re seeing a trend that Andrew and I were really craving some crunchy snacks. Anyway, the microwave is where it’s at! Put some parchment paper down, give it a spritz of oil, sprinkle whatever spices you want on it and zap it! the only gotcha is to make sure you take down the power to 50-60%. We made a couple batches and took them with us to the movies on Friday night for snacks. It was an awesome idea. We also made a batch with cinnamon and then drizzled honey on them for dessert on Sunday. Another awesome idea.
  • Chinese 5-spice turkey lettuce cups. We had these for lunch and they were great! Tons of veggies and really well-seasoned meat, thanks to Andrew. I don’t this would have tasted as good is we didn’t have our handy-dandy food processor. We were able to chop everything but the peppers in it, significantly cutting down the prep time. I know if I had to chop everything, I probably would have been a bit bitter. We had the lettuce cups with carrots, cucumbers, red cabbage, orange bell pepper and cilantro.



  • Tacos. Sunday we had tacos for lunch and they were delicious as well. I’m loving this whole lettuce cup thing. I find that I’m not missing the tortilla at all and I’m happy that it’s not there trying to overpower the other flavors.
  • Coconut porridge. I found this through Lee at Engineered Nutrition. I made this for breakfast on Saturday and it was quite good. Andrew added chopped hazelnuts to his to give it some crunch. I’m definitely going to add some almonds next time. This was pretty easy to make and it kept me really full. I’ll be making this again!

Quick Stats

  • This weekend I was weighing at a 10-10.5 lb. weight loss. How awesome is that?!? I’d like to keep this weight loss going, so my next move is to start getting back in the habit of working out. While I know that eating is a much larger component to weight loss, working out is really important for me. I tend to eat better and drink more water when I work out. I’m also happier and able to better deal with stress.
  • This weekend was pretty good for sleep. I don’t think I got as much as I wanted, but I got enough. I sleep best in pitch dark so that even if I wake up I can go back to sleep. We haven’t found my curtains yet, so the window is letting in natural light. This is great during the week, but on the weekend when I want to sleep past 9, it’s frustrating for me.

This past weekend, Andrew and I did a lot of organizing and unpacking. We’re nearly done! And when I say nearly done, I mean the number of boxes now seems manageable. We hit up the Container Store and got a wall-mounted spice rack and some small spice jars for the spices we buy in bulk at PCC.

Wall mounted spice rack

We realized we had a lot of doubles, so we put the extras up above the cupboards on a lazy Susan so we can still sort of get to them. Andrew took care of that part 🙂

Extra spices

Andrew being extra safe with his cast.


2 thoughts on “Paleo, Day 12, 13 & 14

    • haha, totally not gambling. If I could send a bag I totally would! They’re that good that I want to get other people to experience their deliciousness 🙂

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