Thursday Recap

Today’s eats

  • Breakfast: Coconut porridge with slivered almonds, raisins & maple syrup
  • Lunch: see Snacks
  • Dinner: Chili lime salmon fajita lettuce wraps with onions & peppers, guacamole, pico de gallo
  • Snacks: macadamia nuts, wasabi pistachios, 3 clementines, beef jerky

Today’s stats

  • Weight: -10.2 (estimate)
  • Sleep: 6 hours


6-pack cycle at Pro Club over lunch. 35 minutes of cycling, 15 minutes of ab work and 5 minutes of stretching. I even tracked it on DailyMile!

This morning I didn’t weight myself, which is fine. I’ll probably start weighing myself a couple times a week. It’ll save 5 seconds in the morning, lol! Our trainer, Morgan, was talking about the psychological effects of weighing yourself everyday. I have a pretty good understanding that my weight on any given day can fluctuate based on a lot of different factors. I’m not worried about negative effects of weighing myself everyday, I’m just ok doing it less often too.

Today I did a spin class over lunch which was super exciting. I thought the class was ok. I’m still getting used to the different spin bikes at Pro Club. The ab workout was definitely hard and I couldn’t do all of it. Some exercises I modified and others I rested on. There were two that were painful in the bad kind of way, so I stretched during those. Overall, I felt really good about getting in a workout. Woo!

Andrew and I went to see Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters 3D tonight. There was an early preview showing at our theatre. Andrew had some free tickets and we just had to pay the 3D fee which means both of us got to see a new movie before the “official” release for a grand total of $7. Well worth it. For any guys going, Gretel is a total babe ;). I L-O-V-E movie theatre concession stand treats. This time I was able to stay away from the popcorn and the Icees. It helps so much to have Andrew on Paleo and eating healthy too. Because I didn’t want to eat something unhealthy, Andrew didn’t get anything from the concession stand either (even though he kind of wanted to), which helped to really not have anything. It was a very supportive cycle we were in, haha. Anyway, if you want to see Hansel & Gretel, you should. It was entertaining and sometimes, even funny.


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