Week of 1/20 Recap

Ack! More busy-ness and I haven’t been able to post everyday! Here’s another fun summary of things that have been going on.

The Kitchen

We’ve been organizing our kitchen like mad since we’re trying to combine two apartments into one. We’ve given away a lot of stuff like wooden spoons, can openers, a blender, a crock pot and a rice cooker, just name a few things. We don’t need more than one can opener and we definitely don’t need two rice cookers when we’re on Paleo!

I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s just so great! We added a wall-mounted spice rack. We actually added four. I knew one wouldn’t be big enough since Andrew and I love herbs and spices! We got four at the Container Store and put them all together, like so:

Wall mounted spice rack

We also got the corners taken care of so they aren’t wasted space. This used to be the dangerous snack corner:

snack corner

Dangerous snack corner

Since then, we’ve donated the toaster oven. Andrew only had it in New Jersey when his oven didn’t work. Here in Redmond, the oven works. Yay! In addition, almost all of those snacks aren’t Paleo, so we needed to clear them out. Now that corner is used for smaller tupperware. The larger containers are in the cupboard above. I use the smaller containers more often, so I wanted them to be very accessible.

Food storage corner

Food storage corner

The other corner is keeping our hot beverage items. We outfitted the corner with stackable baskets and a shelf under the cupboard. On the shelf we keep teas that we’re drinking right now. In the baskets are ramekins, non-refrigerated produce (garlic, onions, sweet potatoes, bananas), hot chocolate and cookbooks. Next to the baskets we keep the teakettle and the little thing we steep tea in. Andrew does the tea preparation so I don’t really know what anything is called. 🙂  I’m so happy with this corner! Since the baskets aren’t huge, it’s really easy to pull one down and put it somewhere else momentarily.

Hot beverage corner

Hot beverage corner

I don’t have pictures of this, but we also switched around the things on either side of the sink. The dish drying rack is now above the dishwasher. The blender and food processor are on the other side of the sink. This was a great switch because there’s more counter space for the blender and food processor now. Even though a bit of counter space might be taken up by dirty dishes, it’s more than it was before. Yay!


Yes, I’m going to have an update on electronics. Even though I’m a geek, I usually wouldn’t give an update of electronics on this blog. However, this week my new machine finally arrived. It’s a Lenovo Yoga and I was so excited to have it. If you get a Lenovo, I recommend buying it in person. I had an awful experience getting it shipped to me and I started the order process on December 12th. It took them over a month to get my laptop to me and overall I was really unimpressed with their customer service. Moving on though, the Yoga can work as a laptop and a tablet because the screen folds all the way around. It doesn’t swivel, it folds which is really neat. Plus it’s orange. 🙂


My new Yoga

Now I have to go through and set everything up how I want it and reinstall all of my applications. That’s just what you sign up for when you’re a geek and you frequently switch machines.


Working out this week has been pretty amazing! On Monday I did my first spin class in a really long time. While Pro Club is by far the nicest gym I’ve ever driven past, let alone been to, I’m still getting used to the bikes. They’re just so smooth. They’re so smooth that I find it difficult to gauge the resistance. I know I’ll get used to them, but it will take some time. Just like it took some time when I moved from Columbia Heights to Bethesda and I had to learn how to gauge the resistance based on my effort instead of a level I could set. It’s just different. I’m sure after a month I’ll be just fine.

I had a session with my trainer, Morgan, on Tuesday. That wasn’t a lot of working out since it mostly a session to take measurements and talk about my goals. My goals ended up looking something like this:

  • Train to survive zombie apocalypse
  • Get ready to go to Cancun in April
  • Reclaim my wardrobe
  • Be a badass
  • Get combat training

I think they’re pretty good goals. I’ve added combat training to the list quite recently. I enjoy watching several TV shows (current and not current): Alias, Revenge, Nikita, Revolution, Burn Notice. After watching these shows, I’ve come to realize, I desperately need combat training. How on earth am I going to survive anything if I don’t how to punch? So, eventually combat training will happen.

After going over my goals, which took most of the session, we did a bosu ball circuit one time through. It was 10 of each exercise:

  • Bosu ball burpies: instead of jumping, you lift the bosu ball over your head
  • Bosu ball squats: stand on the flat side of the ball and squat
  • Bosu ball pushups
  • Bosu ball plank (and brining knees to elbows, alternating)
  • Bosu ball rainbows: keeping your arms straight and body facing forward, move the bosu ball in an arc from one side of your body to the other

On Wednesday, Andrew and I did a couples personal training session. It was definitely different working out with someone else. We did a circuit in the gym. We started off with a fun warm up of passing a basketball back and forth while standing on one foot on a foam thingie. It’s supposed to help with balance. I don’t really have hand-eye coordination, so that was interesting. We did a few exercises that were made for two people. I think my favorite was the plank pounds. Andrew still has a cast on, so we couldn’t high five, but we fist-pounded alternate hands while doing planks.

On Thursday, I went to 6-pack Cycle at Pro Club over lunch. It was ok and I’ll probably go back. One thing I’ve noticed about Pro Club is that the instructors don’t really do the class with you. They’ll get off the bike and walk around or pace in front of the instructor bike and tell you what to do. I always like it when the instructor is sweating with me. Of course, spin instructors’ lives in Redmond may vary greatly from those in DC. Maybe they teach several classes a day and they wouldn’t be able to do 3 classes in a row. I’m not sure, it’s just something else I have to get used to.


Time for my favorite thing, food! Food this week was really good. I’ve been super awesome at forgetting lunch at home. Days when I do that, I usually try to survive as long as possible on snacks and then head home a little early to eat something and finish the workday at home. I’m really lucky to have a job that’s flexible enough to do that.

This week Andrew made some awesome stir-fries that I don’t have pictures of and that he probably won’t be able to recreate since he just makes things up. Delicious things though! We’re still loving the zucchini noodles and our food processor for making everything easier. This week Andrew ventured into Paleo Pancake land and I’m so happy he did. We had pumpkin pancakes and sweet potato pancakes. Both were super good!

Sweet potato pancakes

Sweet potato pancakes

I also decided to make salad dressing this week. I think it’s scrumptious! I put in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard and oregano. Keep in mind, it is my first from-scratch dressing. I know there are tons of different flavors to play around with and right now I can’t imagine why I would ever buy salad dressing again. The vinegar I used was from a small farm in California. It was really thick so the dressing is beautifully viscous. I made enough for several salads.

Another great food thing to mention is the tomato soup I had from the office cafeteria this week. On the soup label, the listed all the ingredients so I knew exactly what was in the soup. It was so yummy! I hope they make this tomato soup pretty often because I could see Andrew and I getting some to take home and heat up for a snack or to have with dinner. It’s just that good!

tomato soup

Yummy tomato soup


This week has been really good. I’m looking forward to next week with my new machine at work, good food and a more regular workout schedule!



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