Still Paleo…kind of…

Oh my goodness! How bad at blogging am I? Ulgh!

Andrew and I finished out the month of January eating Paleo. He loves it and is going to keep eating Paleo most of the time. Of course, that means that I’m also going to eat Paleo most of the time since I’m way too lazy to make two meals for two people. In January we had a couple splurges, but for the most part we ate Paleo 100%. Overall I would say we were 95% Paleo. Pretty awesome.

At the beginning of February we took a bit of a break from Paleo. At home we were still eating Paleo, but we ate out a bit more often. Then we celebrated our anniversary and Valentine’s Day early by going to Portland. When we were in Portland we definitely did not eat Paleo. We followed the “eat like a local” Portland diet. It was delicious. I should really do a whole post about what we did in Portland. Seriously, our trip mostly focused on eating. It was a truly spectacular weekend.

Since then it feels like I’ve just been focused on other things. Eating and working out have taken a bit of a back seat. Of course, last week I was really sick and took 2.5 sick days. It was pretty miserable. I think I ate Paleo. I wouldn’t have eaten at all if Andrew hadn’t fixed food and then reminded me to eat it. On the second day I was really sick he took me to the doctor. Afterward he said we were going to eat whatever I wanted. So we went to McDonald’s and then to Dairy Queen for blizzards. Om nom nom. So unhealthy…so yummers.

This week I’m feeling a lot better. I had an upper respiratory infection which can stick around for 21 days. Score. I’m still sniffling a bit and coughing, but I definitely feel more myself. And I can work a full day. Huge win. At the end of last week I managed to snag a bag of Oreos and eat them all over the span of two days. Not good. However, the past two days have been like a reboot for me with Paleo. We have some good leftovers that I’ve been having and I’ve been able to eat lunch at the office with meat and super yummy veggies. When Andrew gets back I think he’ll want to do a reboot as well, so that’ll be good too.

One thing I noticed when I ate noddles or grains while I was on Paleo was that my stomach would get a bit upset. It didn’t happen every time, but it occurred a couple times. To me, it wasn’t a big deal because it was infrequent, but it might be enough to keep me on a Paleo/Primal eating plan. However, when there were a few days in a row of not eating Paleo I was fine. It might have just been my stomach adjusting to something “new.”


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