2/21: Food Recap

OK. so what happened today? Essentially I was frustrated by things out of my control and I didn’t plan ahead very well. When things didn’t go the way that I expected them to, everything fell apart. From there, it just kept going and I couldn’t stop it! I was thinking about how this can not happen in the future and I need to do some visualization exercises. I need to think about situations like the one I was and come up with a healthy way to resolve the situation. It might sound like more effort than is really necessary for one part of my day, but for me, having a plan of action before the need arises is very helpful.


  • More of lunch, but the first meal of the day was: cabbage apple sausage skillet & dijon mustard


  • Salsa & Queso Cheetos (:()
  • 1 Rocher
  • Milk chocolate
  • Fran’s Tas de Noix (4)


  • McDonald’s, #12 w/Root beer


  • hot chocolate

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