2/23-2/24: Weekend Recap

This weekend was great fun. On Saturday, I met up with Ashley and we went to UW to stop by a hackathon and to chat with some of the Aspirations in Computing award winners. Before going though, we stopped for some crepes close to campus (free parking doesn’t start on Saturday until 12pm). After that we went back to Ashley’s apartment and did some internety things. We felt it was an A+ day: we had crepes, went to a hackathon, went to an awards event, had some free food and interacted with people.

Late Saturday afternoon, I headed to the airport to pick up Andrew. He was coming back from Portugal and I needed to be there waiting. You see, I’m usually running late to pick him up from any airport and I always enjoy it so much when he’s waiting for me. I managed to get there on time and I even had to wait a bit for him get through customs.

On Sunday, we bought a new couch and brought it home! It’s deeper than our old couch, which I prefer. It makes it more comfortable to snuggle on. Andrew started feeling sick on Sunday, so we had a lounge-around-the-house kind of day.

This weekend was horrid eating-wise. I think I’m psychologically rebelling against eating Paleo. Now all I want is sugar and carbs. I really need to do some meal planning because when I don’t have a plan I tend to go a little crazy with what I eat and before I know it, all the Oreos are gone (oops). I’m thinking I might try something new this week for eating. I’d like get back to when I most successful with my eating habits and that was when I was planning out all of my meals and I wasn’t eating on any particular plan. Andrew prefers Paleo, so I’m going to merge the two. I think for dinner we’ll primarily eat Paleo. When we eat lunch or breakfast together we’ll eat Paleo as well. I enjoy eating Paleo at meals because it encourages me to eat more veggies which is always a good thing. For snacks, I’m going to pick some of my favorite snacks. Snacks was always an area where I really struggled with Paleo. I felt I could only eat so many nuts and so much beef jerky. For snacks (and some breakfasts) I’ll do things like cottage cheese and fruit, Greek yogurt and cereal and an English muffin with chocolate pudding and a banana.

I’m excited to plan this out and I hope that this is able to meld the best of both worlds in a way that feels good and is healthy for me.


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