2/27: Food Recap


  • Special K Protein Meal Bar: Chocolate Caramel


  • Indian lunch buffet with Andrew: naan, veggie samosa, paneer, rice, veggie korma, lamb & basil meatballs, chicken vindaloo, chicken tikka masala, kheer.


  • Zeeks Pizza, Cherry Bomb & Thai One On
  • Cheetos
  • Salt & Vinegar chips
  • Root beer with rum 🙂


  • Late night: orange juice

Lunch was super delicious today. Did I eat too much? Yes. Did I come home and lay on the couch so the carb coma could take over for 10 minutes? Yes. Was it super-duper yummy? Most definitely. While I probably ate too much for lunch and I could have done with less carbs, I love Indian. I’m ok with indulging in an Indian lunch buffet every now and then. As long as it stays a treat and indulgence, I think it’s fine.

Now that I’ve said “every once in awhile,” today wasn’t planned very well. Tonight was a gaming night at our place. Andrew had some guys over to play Halo 4 and they brought snacks. While I loved having people over, in the future, if we know we’re going to be splurging for dinner, lunch shouldn’t be a splurge as well. Sigh. Lessons learned.

I went to spin class tonight as well. Except I showed up 30 minutes late! I got in a 30 minute work out. At Pro Club, the Monday/Wednesday spin class is at 6 and the Tuesday/Thursday spin class is at 6:30. I got my days mixed up. I really enjoyed the 30 minute spin I did get to do. I’ll definitely be trying this class again. The instructor did the ride which was good. I really like her drills. Each drill was repeated a few times which I liked. Apparently she also repeated the set of drills. I think that’s really cool. Then you already have some idea of what’s coming up.


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