3/1: Food Recap


  • Special K Protein Meal Bar, strawberry


  • Salsa-marinated chicken breast
  • Peppers & onions
  • Special K cereal bar, vanilla crisp


  • Panera You Pick Two: broccoli cheddar soup & spinach power salad
  • Yogurtland frozen yogurt: chocolate cake batter, cinnamon graham cracker (total 8 Oz.)


  • 1/2 maple doughnut
  • 1/2 chocolate cake doughnut
  • 2 turtles

My snacking is obviously a little out of control. I don’t know if you’re getting tired of hearing, “I’m going to plan! For reals this time!”, but I’m getting tired of saying it too. Yesterday I wrote down a list of things that I want for snacks and I can take that list to the grocery store to start with. From there, hopefully Andrew and I will get some planning time in this weekend.

We’re going to the Emerald City Comicon, so that will take up the bulk of our weekend. We’ve also made the big decision that we want a dog. Well, it wasn’t that big. Both of us love dogs and we’ve been wanting to get one for a long time, but with our travel schedules and that small detail that we didn’t live together, it couldn’t happen. Now that we live together and I travel less and work from home, we have a much better environment for a pet. Tomorrow we’re going to go to a meet and greet with one of the dogs we’re interested in. In the afternoon we’re going to stop by an adoption event as well. I can’t wait to have an adorable puppy running around and being cute (and hopefully not peeing everywhere, lol)! Andrew feels the same and we’re so excited!!!!

Today I did a spin class at noon. I really liked this spin class; I’m planning on putting it in as a standing appointment in my calendar and scheduling around it. The instructor was motivating but not in a crazy, are-you-effing-kidding-me-I-can’t-go-any-faster kind of way. The most exciting part is that she sets her workouts to music! Huge win! FINALLY! I’m so glad there is at least one spin instructor at Pro Club who understands the positive effects music can have on a workout. It turns out she also does personal training, so I’m hoping to set up a session with her next week. Whee!


One thought on “3/1: Food Recap

  1. Snacking can be a total bitch! I go on spurts normally of being a total sweetaholic and being totally uninterested. I am beginning to realize that is syncs up on a monthly basis… haha the week pre period my eating habits are ridiculous!!

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