So much going on!

I’ve pretty much been MIA with blogging. There’s a ton of stuff going on at home right now and work is pretty crazy too. Andrew and I are trying to get more boxes unpacked because my dad is coming to visit for a few days in April. Last night I unpacked two boxes in the office. Not a huge dent, but enough to be happy about! I need to work on making the guest room and bathroom liveable, so those boxes will be next. I’m going to try to be really ruthless about what stays and what goes. I have so much stuff and I really want to cut down. Of course, most of the stuff is clothes that I want to keep to wear again.

Andrew is currently on a work trip and that took a lot to get ready for. Plus, his flight left at 9 am, which meant he had to be at the airport at 7 am and we had to leave at 6:30 am which mean I had to get up at 5:45 am! It was awful…so early! The other night I also found out that Andrew hasn’t seen Zombieland. This is shocking. I love Zombieland. And Andrew has to see it. I just don’t know when. We’re headed to Cancun for vacation in a couple of weeks, so maybe we can watch it then. And we could play a drinking game. “Every time you see a zombie, drink!” It’s possible that game may not end well though…


In March I tracked my food in MyFitnessPal. When I work out with Erika, I print off my week and have her look it over. I feel that I can usually make healthy choices, but it helps to have a professional look over things to give me pointers or areas to work on. Most of the time, I need to focus on drinking more water. Speaking of water, I’ve been searching for a new water bottle and I think I may have found one. I used to use Camelbak, but every one I’ve had has started leaking. And not a leak that’s fixable by getting a new mouth sippy thing either. It’s leaking from the lid/bottle connection. I’ve had this happen to three Camelbaks. Needless to say, I’m done with Camelbak because they’re pieces of crap. For awhile I tried using a Tervis tumbler for water, but I didn’t like trying to have big drinks of water from it. Also, it wasn’t very good as a spinning water bottle. I’ll be keeping my Tervis for tea and hot chocolate, no big deal. The next thing I tried was a plastic cup with a straw with it. I have a couple of those because I bought on in Vegas and I have a Windows Phone one. They’re basically like the cups and lids you’d get at a fast food place, but in plastic. It turns out, these are great! The past couple days, I’ve been drinking a bunch of water! It even works pretty well for spin class. I’ve been keeping one in my gym bag and taking the other one with me everywhere. The Vegas one is my everyday one because it’s glittery. 🙂


As far as food is going, I think it’s going really well. Andrew and I aren’t doing Paleo anymore, but we are focusing on eating a lot of protein and making sure to eat healthy fats, like nuts and avocado. I’m really loving having yogurt and cereal for breakfast and cottage cheese & fruit or string cheese for snacks. I also read Eat This Not That Supermarket Survival Guide and it definitely changed some of the things I eat. I highly recommended it. I thought some of the items I was buying were pretty healthy…not! I picked out what was useful for me as in, I don’t eat junk cereal so, there’s no need to start eating the healthiest of the junk cereals. The book also has some recipes in it and I’ve made two with great success. One of them is a Greek chicken pita recipe and it is sooooo good. Seriously. I can’t believe that I can make something taste so good since I have pretty limited kitchen skills.

WWMagMarAnother big win on food is a new mac n cheese recipe. I picked up the March/April Weight Watchers magazine and they had a really good mac n cheese recipe. I made it on Tuesday with Andrew and Ashley and we all decided it was a huge win. It uses skim milk, cream cheese, pureed squash and pecorino cheese to keep the calories down. When I put the recipe into MyFitnessPal, it was 327 calories per serving. How great is that?!? Plus, it serves 8 so there are leftovers,whee! (In other news, the pants Jennifer Hudson is wearing are absolutely heinous and crazy unflattering. Ulgh.)

Mac n cheese with mix-ins: spinach, sweet corn, turkey bacon and tuna.

Mac n cheese with mix-ins: spinach, sweet corn, turkey bacon and tuna.


I’ve bee doing pretty well with working out consistently. I do spin classes during the week and I have a session with Erika. I usually do a strength routine after one of the spin classes. Andrew and I go to the gym together on the weekend and do strength and cardio. I think that’s pretty good!

Last weekend Andrew and I tried biking to the office. Wow. I will not be doing that on any weekday. There is a massive hill on the way to the office and I’m surprised I made it up on my bike. I’m not even joking, a runner passed me. It was slightly  super embarrassing  but at the top of the hill I felt really strong and pretty awesome.


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