Together again

This week, Andrew got back from Australia. Yay! We got back from our Cancun vacation on a Friday night and he left on Saturday afternoon for Australia. He was there for two weeks. I just felt like I hadn’t seen him in such a looooong time, even though we spent a week together in Cancun. I guess I have very specific activities that mentally go towards “quality time” or “spending time together.” Possibly the most important of those activities is snuggling. Because of our room set up (we were upgraded to an ocean view room, but downgraded to two double beds), we didn’t snuggle very much in Cancun. Also it was hot and hot snuggling isn’t all that enjoyable. I’m so happy to have Andrew back so we can snuggle. And take Whiskey for walks together.

Anyway, I posted a menu plan last week and I’m happy to say that I mostly stuck to the plan. I felt really good with what I was eating and the portions during the week. I was spending time in the office and then coming home for lunch and to take out the dog. Then the weekend happened and on Sunday things started to go downhill. I ate way too much Indian with FitzFace and Shlea. On Monday, Andrew and I had froyo and we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut just released their Xbox app and we got 15% off. On Tuesday I had Indian again at the cafeteria and it was definitely more than one serving. Sigh. For lunch I’ve been having leftover pizza because I don’t want it to go to waste, but I just don’t feel good about what I’ve been eating.

Andrew and I started menu planning last night, but I was too tired to continue, so hopefully we’ll get to finish it today. I made hoisin tacos last night for him and they were delicious. I highly recommend checking out this recipe. It’s super easy and incredibly delicious! Plus, if you’re careful with what kind of tortillas you get, the calorie count is pretty low.

Last week, I discovered I had what could be an overuse injury on my quad. I haven’t been able to spin and I’ve been pretty sad about that. However, on the bright side I have gotten back into swimming. I’m seriously excited about this because I wasn’t able to swim for awhile due to a shoulder injury. It seems that the injury is mostly healed and I can make it through 1500. I’m so glad to be back in the water and I’ll definitely be incorporating swimming into my workout plans.

One last thing, if you need to replace the soap in your bathroom (or kitchen, utility room) you should think about trying Lysol Touch of Foam. I was sent a container to try because I’m a BzzAgent. I’m not a soap geek, so to me soap is soap. I’ve been using the vanilla orchid scent which is a very sugary smell. My general guidelines for soap are “does it lather?”,  “does it get my hands clean?” and “does it smell nice?”. Touch of Foam provides an affirmative answer to these things. However, the scent is getting a bit too sweet for me. The foam is really thick, which is nice. I always hate the foam soaps that are so thin it all disappears immediately and you’re left wondering where your soap went. So if you need soap (and we all do at some point), try Touch of Foam.


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