Girl Scout Cookies

You know what’s delicious? Girl Scout Cookies. Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints <– in that order. They are delicious. I could eat them all day.

You know what’s hard? Not eating all of the Girl Scout Cookies.

Other things that are hard:

  • Eating healthy when I only have a rough plan
  • Staying away from gluten (But garlic bread is soooo yummy!)
  • Running
  • Making time
  • Waiting for the process to work
  • Making the small decision everyday that lead to big changes

I feel like I’ve been trying to hard for a few months and I want to see more progress than I am seeing. I think this is mostly due to obsessive browsing on Instagram of weight loss inspiration. It’s great to have that inspiration at my fingertips, but comparison is at my fingertips as well. I find myself wondering why I’m not losing weight as fast at that girl I saw who lost 100 lbs. in 10 months. I really need to take some steps back when I start thinking that to review all the good things I’m doing and to remind myself that everyone is different.

Recently, I haven’t been all that well and I’ve been feeling guilty about it. I understand the idea of not depriving myself, but “not depriving” myself is really when got me into this whole mess anyway. I don’t want to beat myself up too badly for not being spectacular with eating, while at the same time I need to fix it since it’s not ok. I guess I need to sit myself down and have a little talk with myself about what I want and how I can make better choices to get there.

Food Log (this is why I’m fat)


  • Apple cinnamon & pumpkin seed oatmeal

Morning Snack

  • Apple


  • Sante Fe Chicken Salad (Costco)
  • Strawberries
  • Vanilla pudding
  • OSTrim meat stick

Afternoon Snack

  • Homemade gluten-free molasses cookie
  • Bites of Andrew’s lunch, Chinese food


  • Turkey patty
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Coleslaw (no mayo dressing)
  • Two pieces of garlic bread
  • Ashleigh’s leftover turkey patty + cheese
  • Andrew’s leftover coleslaw + BBQ sauce


  • Another molasses cookie
  • Skim milk
  • 3 Samoas
  • 3 Tagalongs

Square Love

New year, renewed motivation. Last year, Andrew and I didn’t do anything special in January. The year before Andrew and I did Paleo in January. The rest of the Paleo year was great! The rest of last year was a big healthy fail!

This year, I told Andrew I wanted to do a January challenge. This year, we’re doing the Fit Girl Guide’s 28 Day Jumpstart. Right now, we’re on Day 2. So far, it’s been good…all two days. I’m so excited to be doing a challenge in January. I feel like having a good January really sets us up for a successful year.

Anyway, I just wanted to log on and write something. I’d like to do a weekly update about how the jumpstart is going. We’ll see how that goes :).

Case of the Blahs

I seem to have successfully lost all motivation today. My triathlon is on Sunday and right now I just don’t care. Today I wanted to do a couch 2 5k day and maybe do a swim workout afterward. I’m just finding it extremely difficult to muster up the energy to follow through with it. I even know I need to workout because I haven’t been eating very well and working out will help me turn that around.

Andrew is napping, but maybe when he gets up he’ll want to go to the gym with me. If someone else were going to the gym with me, I would be more motivated. Sigh.

Also, I hate Xbox Music. The UI is screwed and doing what should be an easy task, like searching for a sing and adding it to a playlist, is quite complex and difficult. Stupid Xbox Music. #bitter

Big-ish Thoughts

I’m still doing alright with my re-entry into healthiness. Yesterday I went to a spin class and felt great. Spin just has a way of making me feel good and the instructor on Sunday is really good. So it’s an overall really positive experience. Yesterday I took Whiskey for a couple of pretty big walks and she was definitely tired. I decided to explore Nike Park; one of the trails ends close to our apartment complex. It felt like it was an uphill hike for most of it. It was really gorgeous though and Whiskey definitely enjoyed it. Even though we were in Redmond and I had cell signal the whole time and nothing is going to be so far away that I couldn’t have called a cab, I was a little nervous about getting lost my first time exploring the trails. I took one route and found the park-y part of the park (grassy area, play ground, basketball courts) and I’m excited to try the other trails as well. My FitBit registered lots of steps yesterday, so that’s good. And here are some cute photos of Whiskey in Nike Park 🙂





Moving on from what a great and responsible pet provider I am, I’ve been thinking some big-ish thoughts lately (lately as of Saturday) about where I want to go next in my healthy life. I found out on Saturday that my trainer is moving on to her next career opportunity. I’ve loved working with her, so I hope the very best for her in the next chapter of her career. However, this leaves an open spot in my fitness life. I’m thinking I might want to take a break from personal training for awhile and explore some group class options at Pro Club. I do a lot of spinning, but I want to branch out. I’m hoping that pushing myself out of my comfort zone for a bit (even if it’s for an hour long fitness class) will be fun. I’m also thinking that I might write some reviews of the classes that I take. Both for me to keep track of which classes and instructors I like, but also in case anyone in the Redmond/Seattle area is wondering about classes. In addition, I’m starting Couch 2 5K over, so I’ll be doing that as well.

So that’s my plan: Couch 2 5K, try new classes, write about them. That sounds good, right?

Menu Plan, week of 5/13

Menu Plan, week of 5/13

Andrew and I did menu planning for next week. The rest of this week is going to be hoisin tacos, sushi/sake, Blazing Bagels and mac n cheese. And breakfast :). Next weekend will be leftovers.

I’m also going to have cottage cheese for a snack, but I forgot to write it down. I’ve finally gotten tired of having cereal and yogurt, so I’ll be having toast with various spreads. My favorite is ricotta cheese topped with fruit. Who knew ricotta could be a spread for toast??

Together again

This week, Andrew got back from Australia. Yay! We got back from our Cancun vacation on a Friday night and he left on Saturday afternoon for Australia. He was there for two weeks. I just felt like I hadn’t seen him in such a looooong time, even though we spent a week together in Cancun. I guess I have very specific activities that mentally go towards “quality time” or “spending time together.” Possibly the most important of those activities is snuggling. Because of our room set up (we were upgraded to an ocean view room, but downgraded to two double beds), we didn’t snuggle very much in Cancun. Also it was hot and hot snuggling isn’t all that enjoyable. I’m so happy to have Andrew back so we can snuggle. And take Whiskey for walks together.

Anyway, I posted a menu plan last week and I’m happy to say that I mostly stuck to the plan. I felt really good with what I was eating and the portions during the week. I was spending time in the office and then coming home for lunch and to take out the dog. Then the weekend happened and on Sunday things started to go downhill. I ate way too much Indian with FitzFace and Shlea. On Monday, Andrew and I had froyo and we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut just released their Xbox app and we got 15% off. On Tuesday I had Indian again at the cafeteria and it was definitely more than one serving. Sigh. For lunch I’ve been having leftover pizza because I don’t want it to go to waste, but I just don’t feel good about what I’ve been eating.

Andrew and I started menu planning last night, but I was too tired to continue, so hopefully we’ll get to finish it today. I made hoisin tacos last night for him and they were delicious. I highly recommend checking out this recipe. It’s super easy and incredibly delicious! Plus, if you’re careful with what kind of tortillas you get, the calorie count is pretty low.

Last week, I discovered I had what could be an overuse injury on my quad. I haven’t been able to spin and I’ve been pretty sad about that. However, on the bright side I have gotten back into swimming. I’m seriously excited about this because I wasn’t able to swim for awhile due to a shoulder injury. It seems that the injury is mostly healed and I can make it through 1500. I’m so glad to be back in the water and I’ll definitely be incorporating swimming into my workout plans.

One last thing, if you need to replace the soap in your bathroom (or kitchen, utility room) you should think about trying Lysol Touch of Foam. I was sent a container to try because I’m a BzzAgent. I’m not a soap geek, so to me soap is soap. I’ve been using the vanilla orchid scent which is a very sugary smell. My general guidelines for soap are “does it lather?”,  “does it get my hands clean?” and “does it smell nice?”. Touch of Foam provides an affirmative answer to these things. However, the scent is getting a bit too sweet for me. The foam is really thick, which is nice. I always hate the foam soaps that are so thin it all disappears immediately and you’re left wondering where your soap went. So if you need soap (and we all do at some point), try Touch of Foam.

Menu Planning!

I’m so super excited because I menu planned this week. I had some leftovers from last week and some stuff in the freezer. That will actually last me most of the week. However, so I don’t get too bored, I’m going to make some shredded beef this week. Tonight I’ll be grocery shopping for some much needed snacks. Last week was pretty much a bust as far as healthy eating goes and the fridge is look kind of bare.

In other news, I’ve started watching Alias (again). Ashley and I watched the whole series when we lived together one summer in college. We would watch a couple episodes at night and then marathon it on the weekends since we both had internships. Since we’re both in the Seattle area, we’ll get to watch bits of it together again. I do feel a weekend Alias-watching-marathon coming on. Yay!

Watching Alias has helped re-new the fitness/healthy resolve in me. I mean seriously, have you seen Jennifer Garner in this show? Other than that, all of the shows I’ve watched recently (Alias, Nikita, Revolution, Burn Notice, Arrow) seem to be telling me one thing: get combat training, you will need it someday. So, now I’m in training for combat training. Yeah. That one.  😀

Today I also reset the password on my LivingSocial account since they were hacked last week. That might have been a bad idea since I managed to buy 4 deals. Ahhhh!! I’m so addicted! Anyway, I’m signed up for a box of organic produce to be delivered to my door with Full Circle. I also got two tickets to a Sushi-making and Sake-tasting class for myself and Andrew. It’ll be a fun date for us. If you’re in the Seattle area and either of these sound interesting, you should totally buy them through my referral link because then I might get mine for free, which would be exciting!

Here’s what my menu plan looks like this week. I didn’t plan snacks, but I made a list and I’ll probably have two each day. Thankfully, I don’t need much variation for breakfast. When I lived by myself I would cook two dishes each week and use them for lunch and dinner all week. As long as the two dishes changed every week, I didn’t get bored. Plus there’s FroYo to look forward to on Saturday!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Cereal and yogurt Cereal and yogurt Cereal and yogurt Cereal and yogurt Cereal and yogurt Cereal and yogurt Cereal and yogurt
Lunch Mac n cheese Shepherds pie Mac n cheese Mac n cheese Beef ragout Beef tacos Panera & froyo
Dinner Shepherds pie Beef tacos Beef ragout Shepherds pie Mac n cheese Beef ragout


  • Cottage cheese & fruit
  • String cheese
  • Apple & peanut butter
  • Grapes & turkey lunch meat

So much going on!

I’ve pretty much been MIA with blogging. There’s a ton of stuff going on at home right now and work is pretty crazy too. Andrew and I are trying to get more boxes unpacked because my dad is coming to visit for a few days in April. Last night I unpacked two boxes in the office. Not a huge dent, but enough to be happy about! I need to work on making the guest room and bathroom liveable, so those boxes will be next. I’m going to try to be really ruthless about what stays and what goes. I have so much stuff and I really want to cut down. Of course, most of the stuff is clothes that I want to keep to wear again.

Andrew is currently on a work trip and that took a lot to get ready for. Plus, his flight left at 9 am, which meant he had to be at the airport at 7 am and we had to leave at 6:30 am which mean I had to get up at 5:45 am! It was awful…so early! The other night I also found out that Andrew hasn’t seen Zombieland. This is shocking. I love Zombieland. And Andrew has to see it. I just don’t know when. We’re headed to Cancun for vacation in a couple of weeks, so maybe we can watch it then. And we could play a drinking game. “Every time you see a zombie, drink!” It’s possible that game may not end well though…


In March I tracked my food in MyFitnessPal. When I work out with Erika, I print off my week and have her look it over. I feel that I can usually make healthy choices, but it helps to have a professional look over things to give me pointers or areas to work on. Most of the time, I need to focus on drinking more water. Speaking of water, I’ve been searching for a new water bottle and I think I may have found one. I used to use Camelbak, but every one I’ve had has started leaking. And not a leak that’s fixable by getting a new mouth sippy thing either. It’s leaking from the lid/bottle connection. I’ve had this happen to three Camelbaks. Needless to say, I’m done with Camelbak because they’re pieces of crap. For awhile I tried using a Tervis tumbler for water, but I didn’t like trying to have big drinks of water from it. Also, it wasn’t very good as a spinning water bottle. I’ll be keeping my Tervis for tea and hot chocolate, no big deal. The next thing I tried was a plastic cup with a straw with it. I have a couple of those because I bought on in Vegas and I have a Windows Phone one. They’re basically like the cups and lids you’d get at a fast food place, but in plastic. It turns out, these are great! The past couple days, I’ve been drinking a bunch of water! It even works pretty well for spin class. I’ve been keeping one in my gym bag and taking the other one with me everywhere. The Vegas one is my everyday one because it’s glittery. 🙂


As far as food is going, I think it’s going really well. Andrew and I aren’t doing Paleo anymore, but we are focusing on eating a lot of protein and making sure to eat healthy fats, like nuts and avocado. I’m really loving having yogurt and cereal for breakfast and cottage cheese & fruit or string cheese for snacks. I also read Eat This Not That Supermarket Survival Guide and it definitely changed some of the things I eat. I highly recommended it. I thought some of the items I was buying were pretty healthy…not! I picked out what was useful for me as in, I don’t eat junk cereal so, there’s no need to start eating the healthiest of the junk cereals. The book also has some recipes in it and I’ve made two with great success. One of them is a Greek chicken pita recipe and it is sooooo good. Seriously. I can’t believe that I can make something taste so good since I have pretty limited kitchen skills.

WWMagMarAnother big win on food is a new mac n cheese recipe. I picked up the March/April Weight Watchers magazine and they had a really good mac n cheese recipe. I made it on Tuesday with Andrew and Ashley and we all decided it was a huge win. It uses skim milk, cream cheese, pureed squash and pecorino cheese to keep the calories down. When I put the recipe into MyFitnessPal, it was 327 calories per serving. How great is that?!? Plus, it serves 8 so there are leftovers,whee! (In other news, the pants Jennifer Hudson is wearing are absolutely heinous and crazy unflattering. Ulgh.)

Mac n cheese with mix-ins: spinach, sweet corn, turkey bacon and tuna.

Mac n cheese with mix-ins: spinach, sweet corn, turkey bacon and tuna.


I’ve bee doing pretty well with working out consistently. I do spin classes during the week and I have a session with Erika. I usually do a strength routine after one of the spin classes. Andrew and I go to the gym together on the weekend and do strength and cardio. I think that’s pretty good!

Last weekend Andrew and I tried biking to the office. Wow. I will not be doing that on any weekday. There is a massive hill on the way to the office and I’m surprised I made it up on my bike. I’m not even joking, a runner passed me. It was slightly  super embarrassing  but at the top of the hill I felt really strong and pretty awesome.




Pike Place Market in Seattle

Pike Place Market in Seattle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I got an email saying that Malisa started following this blog. This was a huge OMG moment that has inspired me to write a blog post and possibly even start blogging here again. Since I lasted posted ages ago, there’s been quite a lot going on in my life. Most recently, I’m moving. Tonight I’ll be on a one-way flight to Seattle from DC. All of my household goods were packed and loaded on Friday and Saturday. My car was supposed to be picked up on Friday, but there have been some major issues with Auto Transport Logistics. I’m pretty unhappy about it since I may have to impose on one of my friends and ask them to take on the responsibility of making sure my car gets picked up.

As usual, I’m moving for my job, however this move has tons of personal reasons laced in too. Andrew moved from NYC to Redmond in February and since then we’ve been looking for a role for me in Redmond. An opportunity came up, so I took it! I’m now a vendor for Microsoft. My new role is the Program Manager for DreamSpark. As a Technical Evangelist, I talked about DreamSpark all the time, so I’m super excited to be working on and helping to enable other TEs in the field.

While my time in DC had some great highlights, I have to be honest and say that I’m glad to leaving. Due to my work situation and a few other factors, I was never able to create the community for myself that I wanted. I did, however, find two spin instructors that I love and I’m sad to be leaving them. But my social life couldn’t be built on spin class alone. For me, being in Redmond puts me closer to family, friends and loved ones. Plus, I’ll get to wear all my trench coats!

Nothing says new beginning like the New Year and I think the changes I’ve made so far (move coast-to-coast, leave Microsoft, work for a new company) will definitely create a new beginning!

Happy New Year!