Big-ish Thoughts

I’m still doing alright with my re-entry into healthiness. Yesterday I went to a spin class and felt great. Spin just has a way of making me feel good and the instructor on Sunday is really good. So it’s an overall really positive experience. Yesterday I took Whiskey for a couple of pretty big walks and she was definitely tired. I decided to explore Nike Park; one of the trails ends close to our apartment complex. It felt like it was an uphill hike for most of it. It was really gorgeous though and Whiskey definitely enjoyed it. Even though we were in Redmond and I had cell signal the whole time and nothing is going to be so far away that I couldn’t have called a cab, I was a little nervous about getting lost my first time exploring the trails. I took one route and found the park-y part of the park (grassy area, play ground, basketball courts) and I’m excited to try the other trails as well. My FitBit registered lots of steps yesterday, so that’s good. And here are some cute photos of Whiskey in Nike Park 🙂





Moving on from what a great and responsible pet provider I am, I’ve been thinking some big-ish thoughts lately (lately as of Saturday) about where I want to go next in my healthy life. I found out on Saturday that my trainer is moving on to her next career opportunity. I’ve loved working with her, so I hope the very best for her in the next chapter of her career. However, this leaves an open spot in my fitness life. I’m thinking I might want to take a break from personal training for awhile and explore some group class options at Pro Club. I do a lot of spinning, but I want to branch out. I’m hoping that pushing myself out of my comfort zone for a bit (even if it’s for an hour long fitness class) will be fun. I’m also thinking that I might write some reviews of the classes that I take. Both for me to keep track of which classes and instructors I like, but also in case anyone in the Redmond/Seattle area is wondering about classes. In addition, I’m starting Couch 2 5K over, so I’ll be doing that as well.

So that’s my plan: Couch 2 5K, try new classes, write about them. That sounds good, right?