First 12-mile ride

This past weekend Andrew returned from his most recent trip. We haven’t spent a lot of time together yet because he was pretty exhausted from all of the travel. However, we did spend Sunday morning together. He’s really excited that I signed up for my tri and we went on a bike ride this weekend.

bikeride7-14We did a 12-mile bike ride to make sure I could do one for the tri. We started off very slow because we were on a gravel road. Halfway through we moved onto the road and that felt so much better! I’m not a big fan of riding my road bike on gravel/dirt roads, so I was nervous about it. Our route was enjoyable and I can change so it’s road the whole time. I’ll definitely be doing it again during training. While I usually go about 18-20 miles in spin class, riding outdoors is very different. I’d like to get my time down to 45 minutes for 12 miles. I haven’t ridden outside very much, so I’m not sure if that’s a reasonable

Speaking of training, tomorrow I’m going to go to my first master’s swim team practice in Redmond. I’m pretty excited about that! I haven’t gone to a master’s swim practice since I lived in Colorado. A few weeks ago I was swimming more. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up on some level. I love swimming, but I’m always nervous I’ll be the slowest swimmer and I’ll cause problems for the group.

Overall, I’ve been feeling good about eating and working out. Big yay! Maybe having a race to train for is good for me. We’ll find out!


Seattle Iron Girl

Last night I signed up for the Seattle Iron Girl sprint triathlon! I’m so excited. I did two Iron girl events in Colorado and they were great. I guess now I’ll be training for the tri.

You can sign up for an Iron Girl event here. There’s a place for referrals, so put Ed Donahue in that field! 🙂

Weekend Recap

This weekend was super busy!  This weekend I had the Afalc Iron Girl triathlon and the Venus de Miles bike ride.  I also went to a street festival, cleaned the kitchen, went out dancing, and got to spend some time with my favorite cuddle monster*.

My very first triathlon was on Saturday.  I stopped by the Boulder Reservoir on Friday to pick up my packet and rack my bike.  I was number 16!  I strolled around the expo and picked up some nice swag.  I’m really excited to wear the t-shirt, it fit really well.  I also met up with Kelly from My Life as a Trimommy to do a quick interview about the event and my experiences.  It might show up on the Facebook page; if it does I’ll let you know!

I’m not a very good example of what to do for a race, since I got all my stuff together Saturday morning before I left.  Right after shutting the door to my condo, I had to go back in…twice.  Once for socks and the other for my race packet, very bad things to forget!  I got to the transition area and set everything up.  I put down my towel, shorts, shirt, shoes & socks, and my bike helmet with sunglasses inside.  Huge thanks to Kelly for the photo of my in transition!

In the transition area

The swim was a .25 mile swim, which was shortened from the original length of .5 mile.  I was in the last wave to start; my wave started 25 minutes after the first wave and there were five waves.  Lesson learned on the swim: WARM UP!  Before the swim, I did go in the water and splash around a bit, but I didn’t warm up my muscles.  I pretty much treated the swim as my warm up and it was definitely reflected in my time.  Even though it was in open water and I had to swim around obstacles (known as people), I though my swim time was pretty lazy!  Oh well, next time it’ll be better!

I think the hardest part was the bike.  It was a 17.2 miles bike ride and I wasn’t wearing a chamois, so let me tell you, it was a little painful!  Thankfully there were some really nice hills that I could power down.  The loop was really nice.  About half way through the course a woman on a pink cruiser bike passed me.  She wasn’t in my swim wave, so that can only mean one thing: I swim faster than she does.  🙂  I’m not riding with clipless pedals and shoes and eventually the bottom of my right foot was completely asleep.  It felt really weird!

My transition time from the bike to the run was super fast, since I didn’t have to change shoes!  It was so strange to go run after biking especially with a barely-operating right foot.  My time from the run certainly isn’t fabulous for a runner, but I was so proud of myself!  I finished a 5k in under 40 minutes after a .25 miles swim and a 17.2 mile bike.  And I jogged the whole thing!  To put things in perspective, last year when I did the Aflac Iron Girl 5k my goal was to finish it in under 45 minutes.

Overall, I’m really proud of myself for completing my first triathlon.  I can’t wait to sign up for another one and maybe actually train seriously for it!  I’m so glad that I made the Aflac Iron Girl triathlon my first one.  The atmosphere is so supportive and positive and encouraging!  Plus, the breakfast afterward is always top notch 🙂  That made for one busy Saturday!  Not only did I do my first triathlon on Saturday, but I also cleaned the kitchen.  I know, those accomplishments are definitely on the same level!


  • Swim: 8:44
  • T1: 3:21
  • Bike: 1:13:22
  • T2: 00:38
  • Run: 38:48
  • Total: 2:04:49

Sunday was the Venus de Miles ride.  These were the two events that I really wanted to do this year and it just so happened they fell on the same weekend.  For Venus, I signed up for the 33 mile ride.  I figured a 50-mile bike weekend would be just fine.  I arrived a little before my wave would leave which gave me enough time to grab an evol burrito for breakfast, change my shoes, and hang out for just a bit.  The 33-mile course had this hill (interestingly enough, I had biked down the same hill the day before for the triathlon) that was quite large and I biked up the whole thing!  No stopping and walking for me!

One of the really cool things about the Venus de Miles events is how much fun it is!  It isn’t a race and it’s a well-known fact that if you want a trophy at Venus de Miles, you’ll have to bring your own.  There are rest stops along the route with snacks, drinks, and music.  My first Venus was super fun and I’ll definitely be doing it again!

Oh, did I mention the Men in Drag team??  All over the course, there are guys on bikes, dressed in drag, that have tubes, pumps, patch kits, etc. for roadside assistance.  It was so hilarious to watch a guy in a skirt/dress/pig tails bike past you as he was hauling to the another stop.  I told the Cuddle Monster if he ever wanted to be on the Men in Drag team I would be 110% supportive and he told me that I was delusional and it will never happen…not even in an alternate universe of my creation.  🙂

This was probably one of my more eventful weekends in a long time.  I’m looking forward to this week being less busy and stressful.  With a four day weekend coming up, I’m also looking forward to lots and lots of sleep!

I really want to hear about what you did this weekend!

*Alright, in reality, I’m the cuddle monster.  Since I haven’t checked about privacy concerns, I don’t want to go throwing my guy all over this blog.  I believe people should have control of their information and online identities and I don’t want to violate that belief or his privacy.  So, on this blog, I’m going to call him the Cuddle Monster.  Seriously though, I’m actually the cuddle monster and he is really great about putting up with it 🙂

BlogHer10: Sessions

I love going to conferences because of the people I get to meet and interact with.  That being said, I managed to make it to a few sessions this year!  The two sessions that I most wanted to attend were Gen Y Passionistas: Making Your Passion “Work” For You and Fitness Blogging – Motivate Yourself and Your Readers.

Since BlogHer was a little bit ago and I didn’t really take notes during my sessions, I just wanted to share with you the main ideas that I gleaned from these to sessions.  If you want to check out the entire session “transcript” you can find the live blog links below.  Actually, if you want to check out any of the sessions of BlogHer, you can check out the live blog for the session.  Cool, huh?

Gen Y Passionistas

For me the major take away was be happy.  Find what your passionate about and do it!  Think about what’s stopping you, write it down if you need to.  Look at the list and come up with solutions.  For me, it might be lack of knowledge or training.  So, I’d start spending my free time doing tutorials or reading about the subject.

Live blog: Gen Y Passionistas

Fitness Blogging

This was a really great session moderated by Roni of Roni’s Weigh (and four other blogs!), who in my mind is a fitness blogging celebrity!

  • Be real.  People come to your blog because you have a unique perspective which has been made up of different experiences.  Be yourself.  Readers like that.
  • Be transparent.  Much like being real, being transparent let’s you readers know that what works for you might not work for them.
  • Be as personal as you want to be.  This is your space, so you define it.  If you don’t want to get into a bunch of personal details, you don’t have to.  If I want to throw in a post about my new favorite pair of shoes (because my shoes are a big part of who I am), I can do that if I want.

Live blog: Fitness Blogging

Palace transition area

Image by Moff via Flickr

Even though I may have a had a McDonald’s Big n Tasty last night for dinner (some plans fell through 😦 stupid migraines), I feel much better than I did a few days ago.  Today has been really good so far.  Of course, it’s only 10:20 in the morning, so things still have time to go sideways, but I’m thinking positive!  Today I’m going to head to the Boulder Reservoir, pick up my packet, rack my bike, and walk around the expo picking up all sorts of cool stuff!  I’m not concerned about my time tomorrow, I just want to finish and I’m 98% sure that I can do that.

Tonight I might be making a tomato pesto puff pastry pizza for dinner and some peach cobbler for dessert.  I’m quite excited.  I might even unpack my desk a little or fold clothes.  I’m really looking forward to a casual night, an invigorating weekend, and getting back to training next week!